Suetonia is the Podcast Editor for Cochrane Kidney and Transplant.

Suetonia has helped authors to create short audio recordings of the findings of their Cochrane reviews on diagnostic tests and treatments for people with kidney disease.

The podcasts are audio recordings that can be accessed at the Cochrane Library website. Go to and use simple search terms.

The list of podcasts and the links to listen to then are shown below.


“The accuracy of two imaging tests in detecting vesico-ureteric reflux”

Podcast presented by: Dr Naider Shaikh and Stephanie Hum from the University of Pittsburgh

Listen to podcast about tests for reflux.


“Immunosuppression for IgA nephropathy”

Podcast presented by: Dr Marinella Ruospo and Dr Mariacristina VECCHIO from the University of Bari

Listen to podcast about treatment for IgA nephropathy.


“Corticosteroid therapy for children with nephrotic syndrome”

Podcast presented by: Dr Deidre Hahn and Dr Elisabeth Hodson from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney.

Listen to podcast about treatment of nephrotic syndrome.


“Which therapies are most effective to prevent the progression of adult polycystic kidney disease”

Podcast presented by: Dr Davide Bolignano from Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Listen to podcast about treatment of polycystic kidney disease.


“The relative safety and effectiveness of different epoetin drugs for treating anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease.”

Podcast presented by: Dr Suetonia Palmer from the University of Otago Christchurch
Listen to podcast about treatments for anaemia.


“Haemodiafiltration, haemofiltration, and dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.”

Podcast presented by: Dr IONUT NISTOR from the Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Grigore T. Popa Iasi.

Listen to podcast about haemodiafiltration..